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The Glamour Studio Hair Extension Experience

Hair Extension Methods

Who are our hair extensions for?

Can you relate?

  • Your hair doesn't grow past a certain length or has experienced some breakage and you are looking to add some length and volume.

  • Your hair has thinned over the years and you want to add volume and fullness back to her hair.

  • Are you ready for a total transformation and you want to add major length and fullness, and you want a celebrity inspired look?

We turn hair dreams into reality.


A VIP Hair Experience

"Through my expertise as a multi certified hair extensionist and confidence coach, my guest embark on a transformative journey of self- assurance. Each strand I help them choose not only enhances their external beauty but magnifies their inner power. "-Alexus 

Our hair extensions services are solution driven combined with an experience with you in mind.You confidence boost is sure to be charged. Your senses will be awakened with uplifting aromatherapy paired, with an ambiance sure to help you relax and feel pampered. Wearing my signature satin robe while enjoying a glass of champagne, I take care of all of you needs during our time together. Light lunch or snack is served, and I also offer an assortment of other beverage.  

Hair extensions are not one size fit all- in fact the hair extension method that will be recommended for you will be personalized solely be based upon your goals, natural hair texture, density, and and your life style.


a luxury experience features...

Expert Extensionsist

Your extensionist is highly skilled and trained in the latest techniques, experienced, and certified in multiple methods with leading brands.

Premium Hair Extensions

Highest grade and premium hair extensions that come in stunning colors and textures to match your natural hair. Lifespan of  hair can  last up to a year.

Impecable Service

Your private reservation is VIP, featuring complimentary personalized amenities, and  extraordinary products  to cater to each individual hair needs.

Ready to Book Your Reservation?

To begin, we require new guest to start with the digital pre-consultation.

This step is required and will give us some information about you and your needs.


After that is received, a consultation can be reserved. In this conversation we will go over everything from hair history to dreams. We will discus color (an optional add on), product recommendations, at home care, maintenance and more. Personalized color and texture matching based on lifestyle and daily hair routine is a vital. After completing this process you will be one step closer to becoming one of our new guest. 

Frequently Asked Questions about 
Hair Extensions

This premiere service experience is packaged price;  including the hair, installation, blending cut, style, instagram worthy photoshoot, beverage, snack/lunch, and a take home gift to care for your new look.


How much does a hair extension service cost?

The cost depends on what method and desired end look you are trying to achieve.The price can very and is personalized based on you need.


What should I expect during and after my extension service?

The application time varies  depending on the method, length and thickness.  After the application we will give you a take home care kit and instructions to follow to care for your new set of extensions. We will also set  up  your follow up maintenance reservation, 4-6 weeks after initial application


What is included with the service?

You will receive a take home care bag, lunch and/or snacks and champagne, customized shaping to your extensions, styling and a mini photoshoot so you can show off your amazing new hair!


How long will my extensions last?

We use premium, high quality hair that can last up to 10 months depending on the application.We can give you a better time frame for your application life when you come in for your personalized consultation.

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